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©︎ Chuji Ito

Launching in the Fall 2020 
A new way of traveling in Japan

Local Diver is a new travel platform that enables travelers to meet up with like-minded people and discover hidden treasures of Japan together. 


People don’t travel to less-known Japanese countryside to be the same as everyone else. 


They know they are drawn by the unique-something only that particular locale can offer. 


To some it may be the tasty seasonal food prepared by the local farmer.


To the others it’s the vista that takes hours to get to.


Or, it may be a personal encounter with that aging master sake brewer, so you may learn to truly appreciate the subtle flavors of the local fermented rice.


It almost feels like a small miracle when these unexpected things happen so beautifully. 


But, what you may not know is that you…yes, you the small cohort of traveling foreigners, may also be a part of the ingredients which make the miracle happen. 


And these miracles will encourage the preservation - and even the enhancement - of the local culture, so the others inspired by your Instagram or YouTube posts, may follow your paths in the future.


 Take a deeper dive.  Be the miracle.  




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